Winter is on the way

November already. This year has gone by so quickly.  I’m listening to the rain fall heavily against the windows and the heating is on full – I hope this isn’t a sign of what winter has in store for us.

Thankfully the bad weather only turned up an hour ago as prior to that we had a beautiful autumnal day. Our weekend has been productive and fun.  Das did a DIY plumbing course yesterday, which he enjoyed and learnt some good tips. In the evening we met at Bar Douro.  So a bit of background to this, when we were in Porto in June we went to the Churchills cellar and met Max, the owners son (the owner being John Graham, from Grahams port which he sold before starting Churchills,  the name coming from his wife’s maiden name… ) He told us about opening a place in London and we’ve been keeping an eye out since. I joined the mailing list so was informed of the soft opening this weekend. Well we went along for 5pm only to find them all getting ready for the evening but closed to customers. Well luckily Max recognised me from being up at the cellar, so said we could come in and have a drink. It was so lovely being the only customers – the place is only small but very cosy with extra friendly staff and once the wine cellar is opened there will be a huge array of wines and ports to choose from. Very pleased we had the chance to try it.

Sunday morning saw Das heading our for a run and me making granola. I was lucky enough to have a meal at Eleven Madison Park in New York. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had and at the end of the meal you are given a glass container with granola in it. It’s the most delicious granola ever and I found a recipe for it here and although not exactly the same it isn’t too far off. I also add almond slivers, sultanas and leave out the sour cherries. Today I added dried blueberries, cranberries, mulberries and golden berries and it was the best ever!

Once Das was home we headed into town and down the affluent New Bond Street to Sothebys as they are selling David Bowie’s art collection and are exhibiting it to the public. We were just interested in the art but some people were clearly planning on bidding when the items go on sale. Bowie had very eclectic taste in art and a lot of it was bright and colourful and alongside pictures were pieces of furniture, lamps and ceramics. 

LV’S window display
Jimmy Choo’s amazing window display

Das needed a new winter coat so off to Oxford Street where they were setting up for the Christmas lights to be switched on. The trip was successful and Das found a coat so we could then head off to Pho for a delicious Vietnamese lunch.


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