Veggies to your door

For some time there have been companies delivering organic, seasonal fruit and veg to your doorstep. I’ve always preferred to choose my own produce whether it’s from the local  markets or the supermarket. However when some friendly young adults knocked on my door offering a discount on abel and cole veg boxes it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I was really excited when the first box arrived and although here was nothing too adventurous in the box, it was fresh, organic and really tasty. Best of all they gave me a free Veg Box Companion book with recipes and info on loads of various fruit and veg. However it soon dawned on me that the discount price wasn’t bad but the full price wasn’t at all cheap.  So I went on a delivery holiday for 5 weeks! And then forgot to update the settings and arrived home on Friday afternoon to find a box of goodies on the doorstep. This time round the box included two pattypan squash (among other things like marrow, grapes, flat peaches, fresh peas…) And I thought what on earth do I do with them! So I went straight to my veggie companion and found an amazing recipe Stuffed squash with zesty tahini dressing. It turned out fabulous, the tahini dressing was awesome!  I may do the same recipe but with the marrow instead.

First veg box
Delicious watercress soup made from the first box
The yummy stuffed squash

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